Our Mission

Eutopia Rising is a radically optimistic collective dedicated to building a better world through community, creativity, and play. Through the events we organize and the spaces we create, we seek to encourage a culture of creative self-expression, personal authenticity, loving support, and wholesome fun. 

We recognize that we live in a world too often filled with oppression and inequality.  We strive to be a lighthouse of safety in the storm for people who need a place to connect and thrive. 

We understand that the world of sexuality and intimacy can be a terrifying battleground, particularly for people of marginalized races, abilities, classes, genders, and sexualities. We fight to maintain a place where all people can be free from the burdens of shame, and free to find themselves and each other.

We pursue principles that advocate community over capital and people over profit.  We are inspired by intersectional and interwoven communities of care. Here everyone is treated with empathy regardless of social status or place in the world. 

Our goal is to see our community flourish. To be one of many groups that can be relied upon for belonging, support, action, and aid in order to reshape the world toward a shared Eutopia.

Come with us.