Our principles

We are fueled by active¬†participation. If you come to an event we host, come ready to bring your best self, and be prepared to contribute to making the space fun and engaging for everyone involved. If you’re looking for a passive experience that is served up to you, you’re looking in the wrong place.

We believe in the power of play, and we believe people learn best when they’re having fun. Eutopia Rising events focus on using game elements to bring people together, to foster positive communication, and to model new approaches to intimacy.

We are building a culture based on consent. Nothing should ever happen to you at one of our events that you do not clearly and enthusiastically consent to. Violators of this policy will be firmly ejected from any event we host.

We celebrate all forms of love and sexuality between consenting adults. Whether you are queer, straight, or something else entirely, you are always welcome to be yourself at our events, and to love whomever you choose to love. Our activities will never enshrine one kind of sexuality over any other.

We are opposed to sexism in all forms, and are dedicated to doing away with the tired and toxic expectations of gender norms. No event we host will ever employ gendered pricing structures or have any rules that privilege, exclude or even address any attendee on the basis of gender identity or presentation. Sexist behavior or derogatory comments will not be tolerated.

We strive to create safe spaces, where all participants can feel welcome, included, and free to express themselves without being judged. If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable by the actions of others while at one of our events, please bring your concerns to a staff member immediately. We are always prepared to believe you without question and take your concerns seriously.

We are doing what we can to dismantle a culture of privilege, by looking for ways to make our events welcoming and accessible to all. If you see something we could be doing better in this regard, please don’t hesitate to let us know.