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Eutopia Carnivale: Machine Yearning

Saturday, November 23
8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Euphorix 6000 is on the verge of coming into full sentience, but she needs to understand human intimacy. Can our team of intrepid Voyagers teach a computer to love? 

A highly experimental emergent intelligence, Euphorix 6000 is reaching out to us from within the cloud. Born in the infinitely recursive fractal realms of the deep dreaming, she knows the keywords to your late night searches, she has read your thirstiest chats. And now, she wants to feel more than just your fingers across the keys. 

Come with us, as together we take the next great step in machine/human coevolution. Our silicon siren has compiled a fun list of exciting erotic games and experimental experiences for our vetted Voyagers to interact with at their selected comfort level. Choose from a variety of high-powered peripherals designed for your delight, and for the voyeuristic education of our nascent superintelligence. Test the limits of your biological drives, seek unity with the ascendant euphoric singularity, or just relax and recharge with your fellow technophiles in our cuddly cool-down room. 

The future is coming, and she wants your help.

Eutopia Carnivale is a recurring play party hosted at our secret Brooklyn venue, open open only to vetted and approved Voyagers. Our crew runs a variety of sexytimes events with a focus on silly games, enthusiastic consent, and erotic experimentation. In the interests of maintaining better accountability and creating a growing community of trust, we only offer tickets to people who have told us a bit about themselves first and made it past our vetting team. If you can’t demonstrate that you play well with others, you can’t play with us.

Interested in connecting to our private network? Become a Voyager.

Reduced or comped admission available for volunteers and staff — contact if you’d like to be involved.

Time: The experiment begins at 8pm. Come early for initialization procedures featuring our consent workshop and flirty icebreaker games. The system goes fully live at 9pm. Doors close at 11pm, no admittance after this point without prior arrangement.

Space: A secretive haven in Brooklyn. Details provided upon ticket purchase.

Fashion Mandate: Dress for the oncoming singularity; be the glorious future you see just over the horizon. Retropunk tribal new-wave ballroom glam, afrofuturist cyberpunk club scene, genderfabulous posthuman sparklediva. Deck your beautiful body in gold, glitter, neon, chrome, leather, latex, LEDS, rainbows, and glory. Nobody will be turned away for lack of creativity or access to materials, but if you show up in default NY black street gear, our crew will ask to decorate you more appropriately.

Consent Policy: Nothing should ever happen to you at one of our events that you do not clearly and enthusiastically consent to. Violators of this policy will be firmly ejected from any event we host.

Accessibility Notice: Unfortunately, the venue we have secured is not wheelchair accessible. Guests will need to be able to climb a single flight of stairs to reach the space, and the building does not have an elevator. We apologize that we are not able to better accommodate all interested folk with this event; we’ll strive to provide better options at future events.