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Saturday, Mar 30
9:00 PM – 2:00 AM

When there’s nobody else around, how do you like it? What’s your secret special move? What’s your most treasured toy? How do you do that thing that nobody else can do for you?

Venus Cuffs and Eutopia Rising present an evening of sensual self-love and shame-free sharing in honor of Women’s History Month. Explore with us, as we pull back some curtains on the oldest mystery of humankind. Come with us as women of all shapes and sizes and colors with all kinds of bodies.

At Femmegasm, we are looking to create a comfortable environment to relax, to share, to observe, to learn, and to enjoy. Every woman’s body is different; there is infinite beauty in our infinite diversity.

If you are wondering if your body counts–if you are wondering whether your pleasure is welcome in this space–let us be very explicit in saying that it does, and it is. We seek to explicitly center the experiences of trans, non-binary, and gender-non-conforming folk at this event, with genitals of any and all configurations. People of all genders, of multiple genders or of no gender, are all welcome to join us at Femmegasm. If femininity is an essential part of your experience, we invite you to share that experience with us.

Many soft surfaces will be provided to lounge on in what we aim to make a calm, comfortable, and safe environment for all our guests. We’ll be serving light snacks and wine at the bar. You are encouraged to dress in a way that makes you feel relaxed and sexy, and to bring your favorite toys to show off and enjoy. Nobody should feel any pressure at all to engage in any way that they do not wish to at this event. Whether you’re coming to show off, or only to observe respectfully and offer support, you are welcome.

Please be aware: In order to create the most comfortable and safe space possible, this event is only being offered to a select list of approved members of our community. Thank you for being someone who we trust to uphold the principles of respect, kindness, courtesy, and consent. The space will be carefully monitored, and any guests found to be making others uncomfortable will be swiftly escorted to the door.

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