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Eutopia Carnivale: Holodeck Malfunction

Saturday, 2.1.2020

8pm – 3am

Come with us where no one has gone before: a stellar Star Trek themed play party at Horizon. 

“What’s a knockout like you doing in a computer generated gin joint like this?” – Cmdr. William T. Riker

We’re way past the final frontier here, Voyagers. 

Join the brave Eutopia Rising crew as we engage with you at maximum warp and set off to discover strange new worlds together. We’ll be serving a selection of your favorite drinks off the menu at 10 Forward, and playing our custom engineered saucy Star Trek-flavored  party games throughout the night.

As the central computer hits 23:00 hours, the holodeck doors will automatically seal, and the boldly going really gets going. Witness a Betazoid wedding! Experience the thrill of Pon’Farr! Deploy the Riker Maneuver! Try the gagh! Just remember that what happens on the holodeck stays on the holodeck!

Expect a night of social and biological experimentation that transports you beyond the frontiers of your imagination. Eutopia Carnivale always aims to be a safe space to try out new things and explore, no matter your biological makeup, cultural origin, or particular desires. We provide games and structure to help guide our voyagers towards exciting realms of discovery, but nobody should ever feel pressured to take part in any journey that they haven’t explicitly volunteered for. As always, our security crewmembers will be on duty to ensure safety protocols remain in effect throughout the event.

“Are you familiar with physical forms of pleasure?” – The Borg Queen

Eutopia Rising hosts sexy artsy community funtimes at our secret Brooklyn venue, with a focus on silly games, enthusiastic consent, and erotic experimentation. In the interests of maintaining better accountability and creating a growing community of trust, we only offer tickets to people who have told us a bit about themselves first and made it past our vetting team. This sexy event is exclusively for our vetted lunar voyagers!

Do not buy a ticket if you have not been approved! You will not be admitted and your admission will not be refunded. If you are planning to come as part of a couple or group, ALL members of your party must fill out an application and be approved separately. If you’re not yet on our list, now’s the perfect time:

Reduced or comped admission opportunities available for volunteers and staff. Contact for details.

 “The great secret is not the variety of life; it’s the variety of us.” – Lwaxana Troi

Space: The Starship Horizon. Coordinates provided upon ticket purchase.

Time: The doors slide open at 20:00 (8pm) and stay open till 23:00 (11pm). No admission permitted after that point without approval from a member of the crew. 

Dress: Come in uniform, displaying your fleet insignia and rank pips proudly! Or wear the appropriate regalia of your alien star empire! Or wear the appropriate glittered activewear for your favorite pleasure planet. Or maybe dress for the holodeck detective LARP your captain or favorite android dragged you along to. On the holodeck, anything’s possible.

Consent Policy: Nothing should ever happen to you at one of our events that you do not clearly and explicitly consent to. Violators of this policy will be firmly ejected from any event we host.

Accessibility Notice: Unfortunately, the venue is not wheelchair accessible. Guests will need to be able to climb a single flight of stairs (30 steps) to reach the space, and the building does not have an elevator. If you have mobility concerns that we can help you address, please contact us in advance and we’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs. We apologize that we are not able to better accommodate all interested people at this event, but we’re striving to do better in the future.