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There’s no lockdown on libido, and we refuse to let this crisis keep us down. Seize joy. Enjoy pain. Refuse to submit. Come with us.

back in person!

Voyagers: check your email for the registration link!
Not yet an approved lunar voyager? Apply now!

NEVER SURRENDER continues because life always finds a way. We continue to be what we have always been. We are a chill space for good times with good people. We are a party and a protest, a ritual and a revel. We are a circle of love spitting naked defiance at a world in crisis.

For the time being, our play space is a virtual one, and we may all need to learn some new ways to get close across distance. Have faith: our great thirst has always lead us to great resourcefulness.

Here’s how you do:

  • Dress up your nest: set up your webcam in a comfy place with good lighting. Lay out fresh sheets and get all your favorite equipment handy. Maybe light a candle or put up a few decorations to set the mood.
  • Put on your best: take out that corset or leather harness or silk teddy or fancy fancy panties that you’ve had gathering dust in your naughty drawer since lockdown came down. Doll yourself up special and wear whatever makes you feel the most sexy.
  • Join the Zoom: a videoconferencing link is your ticket to the party. We encourage you to have your video feed on of course, so we can see how beautiful you are. We will start with introductions and welcomes and some general conversation to get comfortable. Things get more interesting from there.

Schedule of the night:

9:15pm – We start the welcome circle, just as always. Introduce yourself, share your intentions, put your hopes out there, let us know what song you’ve had on repeat this past month. Tell us a bit about who you are, what you’re hoping to do, and what you’d like to see…

10:30pm – As folk begin to play, we’ll ask you to mute your mic except for sounds of pleasure. We’d like to tun our main virtual floor into a rotating spotlight of scenes, as we all show off for each other. The hosts will keep the spotlight moving, selecting to focus on wherever the action is happening at that moment. Raise your hand if you want to be seen.

We will have a few separate breakout rooms set up in our virtual venue, and our hosts will help direct you to where you’d like to be. If you wish to continue chatting, we’ll send you to a Chill Room, where you can continue to talk and schmooze and hang. If you’d like to go off somewhere with a select group of attendees, we’ll set you up with a private room where you can have fun together.

2:00am – You don’t have to go home because you never left. Maybe get some sleep? Or maybe don’t. Our hosts will likely be signing off, but you don’t have to say goodbye. Stay up till dawn and perhaps we can all watch the same sunrise from each of our bedroom windows.

Talk, play, show off, or just be a witness to the magic. Make loud noises. Leave marks. Make memories. We fill the night with our sounds and our sensations. We hold out as long as we can. We will not surrender.

Join us.


This event is only intended for the Eutopia Rising Community. Please do not post the link publicly. If you have a friend or lover that you’d like to invite (either a current nesting partner or remotely) you should feel free to share this event with them directly, but let’s try to keep the party intimate and safe.

We want you to feel comfortable getting sexy on camera, and that means making sure that the only people in the room are people we trust.

We will enforce strict rules of conduct. Although the rules may be different for a virtual play party than an in-person event, we still expect you to play with consent and respect for your fellow voyagers. Inappropriate language or harassing behavior will still lead you to being swiftly ejected from the event.

There will be no recordings made of this event of any kind! Recording will be disabled by the hosts. In reserving a ticket, you agree that you will not to attempt to bypass that control and record this event in any way, either audio or visual.


? Location: Zoom – link provided with ticket reservation

⌚ Time: Doors open at 9pm, welcome circle begins by 9:15. At 11, we clear the floor for playtimes. Party ends at 2am, or whenever the last of us decides to drop off.

?Consent Policy: Nothing should ever happen to you at NEVER SURRENDER that you do not clearly and explicitly consent to. Attendees may not make recordings of any kind of the live event. Guests are encouraged to pay respectful compliments and invite others to engage in various kinds of remote play, but should always do so with courtesy and respect. Derogatory language (outside of a negotiated scene) and harassing behavior will not be tolerated.

♿️Accessibility: Voyagers will need an internet connection and a device capable of running Zoom, ideally with both a working mic and a camera. Access to the Eutopia Rising Discord is necessary to connect to our shared music channel, and is recommended for all voyagers wishing to say in touch with the community.


This event is free, but capitalism is the cage that still imprisons us all!

If you’d like to support our brave crew of voluntqueers in our ongoing good works, please consider joining us on Patreon: