Volunteer to make PINNED! happen

Never Surrender: PINNED! (March 22nd) is seeking volunteers!

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You could be a champion
Volunteer today!

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, save money, and help make sure our events can continue to run.

If you’re a Lunar Voyager, you’re welcome to volunteer. Available shifts include setup, doors, safety monitoring, and teardown. Each shift will allow plenty of time to enjoy the party while enjoying half-price or FREE admission. We’ll train you! Details below.

If you’d like to join the team or have any questions, please reach out to before you buy a ticket. See you in the ring!


Our parties are entirely volunteer-powered, so you’ll be key to making it all happen. As an extra incentive, we also offer our volunteers a code for 50% off a ticket for commitment to a 1 hour shift, and 100% off a ticket for a 2 hour or more commitment.

Lunar Voyagers only!

Our available volunteer shifts for this party are:

Load-in & Set-up: Arrive at our space in Lower Manhattan at 5pm on the day of the party to set up and decorate the space. You should be prepared to lift and carry ~30lbs, and you probably want comfortable clothes/shoes (don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to change). The Setup Lead will let you know what to do. (This is a 2-hour shift and qualifies for a fully comped ticket.)

Doors: You and a partner will check tickets and vaccine records/COVID tests at the entrance to the space. You will also ask folks in line to read the rules, and give them a brief orientation to the space. You will be provided a laptop and can easily sit for this shift, if you’d like. The Volunteer Lead will show you how check-in works. (one-hour shifts, starting at 7pm and 8pm)

Safety Monitor: With a partner, you will help attendees navigate the space and their interactions safely. Generally, this involves being available to answer questions, staying aware of what scenes are happening, and checking in with folks if something seems off. Strong visual and auditory acuity is required in this role. Whether or not you have prior experience, there is a mandatory meeting for all Safety Monitors with our Safety Lead at 7:30pm. There you will learn the ins and outs of the space, who your fellow staff are, and how you will work together. (one-hour shifts, starting at 9pm, 10pm, and 11pm)

Tear Down: When the party ends, we have 1 hour to clean up and go home. You will help us pack up our supplies and clean the space. As with load-in and set-up, you should be prepared to lift and carry ~30lbs, and you probably want comfortable clothes/shoes. The Tear Down lead will let you know what to do. As an extra incentive to stay late, a one-hour shift on teardown counts double! (one-hour shift, midnight-1am)

Please reach out to to ask questions or sign up! Thanks!


Never Surrender: PINNED!

Friday, March 22, 2024 

7pm – 12am

A Secret Venue in Downtown Manhattan

A no-holes-barred night of flirty-faux-fighting fun.


Let’s get ready to rummmmmbbbbllllle!!!!

For this round of Eutopia Rising fun and games, Pinned, we’re bringing you the glitz and glamor of professional wrestling β€” and as always, you’re the main event! Start booking your favorite matchups: Tag teams? Two-on-ones? STEEL CAGE MATCH?! (Okay, well, maybe not that last one, but the possibilities are almost endless!)

Adorn yourself in the fun, flirty, fabulous wrestling outfit of your squared-circle dreams and undertake this night of raw energy, impactful human connection, and world-class ACTION! Think spandex, latex, leather, wild makeup, masks, armbands, tassels, maybe even a cape or two?! Whatever it takes for you to look and feel your sexy, spangly best β€” do it!

In addition to the sexy fun you know and love from previous Never Surrender parties, there’ll be a (GENTLE) takedown demo, arm wrestling circuit (fun, fast rounds!), and more. 

Don’t be a heel β€” get your face (and the rest of you) to Pinned!

πŸ‘ πŸ†šπŸ€¨πŸ‘ πŸ†šπŸ€¨πŸ‘ πŸ†šπŸ€¨πŸ‘ πŸ†šπŸ€¨


Never Surrender: PLUG IN

Friday, January 19, 2024, 7pm-1am

An interface port in Downtown Manhattan


We are starting the year off with an ode to cybernetic society. Attach your best enhancements and prepare to deep dive into the web so we can all hack the planet together. Dress code is whatever the word cyberpunk means to you: whether a combo of 90s grunge and metallics, futuristic Blade Runner leather, or even full-on Ghost In The Shell robotics. Get creative with it! We hope to see at least one electric sheep.


NEVER SURRENDER: Magical Transformations

Never Surrender is starting the new year by taking on evil in the name of love and justice!

Saturday, January 14, 2023
A Secret Location in Downtown Manhattan

NEVER SURRENDER is a recurring party that has taken several forms over several years, both live and virtual. We returned to live events in Spring 2022 and are now gathering every other month as long as desire and circumstance permit.

We are a place to play, to feel safe, and to reconnect. We are a chill space for good times with good people. We are a party and a protest, a ritual and a revel. We are a circle of love spitting naked defiance at a world in crisis.

Make loud noises. Leave lipstick traces. Make memories. Talk, play, show off, or just be a witness to the magic. Come as whatever gender you are, wear whatever makes you happy.


Have you ever secretly dreamed about having the power of the moon so you could fight monsters? Or maybe you wished you were the terrifying aliens invading Earth instead? This party is all about transforming into your ultimate magical self, whether that be someone fighting for the future of the planet or a villain looking to sow chaos and destruction. Come in your best sailor suit complete with sparkly gems or break out the leather, lace, and an intimidating cape. You get to choose which side you’re on and what your powers will be.