Coronavirus Update

Hello friends and lovers ?

I imagine many of you have been as anxious as we’ve been over the past few days, likely unsure how best to stay safe and to keep your community safe under the threat of viral infection. We’ve been talking a lot about what the responsible thing to do is under the circumstances. Here’s what we’ve decided as of now:

We will not be hosting the Great Brooklyn Boink Off this weekend as previously planned. Instead, we’ll be hosting an event that you can be a part of while staying safely at home — more on that below.

We need to place the safety of our community first, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it would be irresponsible for us to run the event as originally intended. It is our hope that we can reschedule the Boink Off for a later date, as soon as it seems reasonably safe to do so. It’s too soon right now to guess when that will be, so we’ll make that determination in the weeks and perhaps months ahead as more information comes in.

As previously announced, anyone who wants one can get a full refund, no questions asked. However, if you are willing to hold onto your tickets for now while we consider how to move forward, we’d very much appreciate your support in a difficult and uncertain time.
We will be dealing with how to handle our future events in the days ahead, so expect to hear more from us in that regard.

While “social distancing” is the right choice right now to protect each other and our community at large, we also feel that maintaining social closeness, in whatever form that takes, is a vital part of our mission. Even if you all have to stay home this weekend, we still want to stay connected with you. This crisis is going to be isolating and scary for all of us, so we need to find ways we can lean on each other and thrive through it.

This Saturday, in lieu of an in-person sexy party, we will be hosting a virtual event that we’d like you all to be a part of. We are hoping to set up our gingham stage as planned here at Horizon, and put on a series of performances and events that we’ll live stream for all of our friends stuck at home in quarantine. We’ll be sharing more details on that soon, but it will be free to join. If you’d like to be a part of that — if you have a kink demo or a performance that you’d like to share over video, hit us up! I know for a lot of us, the lure of getting up on stage and showing off is a lot of the appeal of this weekend’s planned fun, so if there’s a good way that we can still do some of that without putting people at risk, we have to try.

As many of us were also looking forward to baking some treats to share with everyone, we are currently organizing a travelling Cookie Crew who will be making their way across the city by car on Saturday afternoon, dropping off baked goods in person. Our masked crewmembers will bring goodies right to your door in exchange for a small donation to keep us going. They’ll also have a supply of masks and hand sanitizer for those who need them. Pop into the live stream and let us know where you are, and we’ll put you on the list of folk they visit.

Thank you as always, for continuing to be a part of this beautiful little community. We cannot know where the future will take us, but we aim to go there together.

With love,