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Shared Horizon

Saturday Afternoons
Starting at 3pm EST

Join us on the Eutopia Rising Community Discord for the weekly Zoom invite link.

Welcome to love in the age of the coronavirus ?

As we have had to temporarily suspend all our sexy events in meatspace for time being, and as so many of us will be holed up safely in our separate burrows feeling lonely and isolated, we are going to be throwing a weekly virtual party that you can can be a part of from the comfort of your self-quarantine.

All you need to do is log into the video conference room that we set up to be a part of the party. The link will be distributed shortly beforehand via the #shared_horizon_discussion channel on our discord server, via our facebook group, and sent out to voyagers via email.

We will aim to fill your Saturday afternoons each week with musical guests, kink demos, sexy performances, and all sorts of other beautiful and weird shit that you definitely cannot see anywhere else.

Like everything else we do, this event is all about active participation, and not just passive entertainment. We want to give all of you a chance to spend time in the spotlight! Do you have something to show off? Are you a performer? Musical virtuoso? Exhibitionist weirdo? Do you have a kinky scene you’d like to do for an audience? Let us know in advance, and we’ll find a place in the lineup for you.

We’ll open the doors at 2:30 to get set up, and we’ll run until we run dry. The room will max out at 100 people, so be warned that we might well fill up.