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Snack Time: A Queer Centered Make-out Party

Friday, December 27th
8pm – 2am

$15 in advance, $20 at the door.

Like, you’re really… 
I mean, not to be weird or anything, but…
You’re um. I just wanted to say…
You’re looking pretty tasty

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Lumpy Space Cuddle Party

Saturday, December 21
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Let’s all get comfy and get together to enjoy some Saturday morning cartoons! Come in your comfiest pajamas or onesie and bring your favorite cuddle pals to Eutopia Rising’s first Cuddle Party.

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Eutopia Carnivale: Machine Yearning

Saturday, November 23
8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Euphorix 6000 is on the verge of coming into full sentience, but she needs to understand human intimacy. Can our team of intrepid Voyagers teach a computer to love? 

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Eutopia Carnivale: Summer Games

Saturday, July 27
8:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Get ready to get sweaty.

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A Taste of Eutopia: Fundraiser in Support of Queer Liberation

Saturday, June 15
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM

A Prospect Park picnic fundraiser in support of Queer Liberation

Join us in the grass for an afternoon of flirty games, yummy snacks, and good company. The Eutopia Rising crew is coming out to Prospect Park to play, all in the name of a good cause.

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The Great Brooklyn Boink Off

Saturday, May 4
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

It’s time to bring your buns to the gingham altar.

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Saturday, Mar 30
9:00 PM – 2:00 AM

When there’s nobody else around, how do you like it? What’s your secret special move? What’s your most treasured toy? How do you do that thing that nobody else can do for you?

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Ms. Polyjuiced Presents: A Fine Afternoon’s Dicksmithing: A Dildo DIY Workshop

Sunday, December 9
$89 per ticket

Join us for an arousing day of crafting as we explore the exotic arts of silicone casting. Come to our door with only the dream of a dick you desire and you may go home that day with a piece of art you can enjoy that very night.

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Eutopia Carnivale: Pumpkin Spice Edition – Saturday, Nov. 10

Saturday, November 10
8pm – 2am

The Eutopia Carnivale is coming again, this time with a festive fall edition.

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Eutopia Carnivale – 8/18/18

The Eutopia Carnivale is coming to Brooklyn

Saturday, August 18

8pm – 3am

Prepare for a night of carnal delights unlike anything you’ve seen before. We’re taking you on a futuristic burlesque adventure filled with exotic experience, intimate exploration and unbridled ecstasy.

Prepare for rides and attractions galore! Will you scream with joy on the Human Rollercoaster? Are you brave enough to ride the Mechanical Bull? Will you explore the hair-raising sensations under our tent of Violet Wonders?

Join our mad Carnivale! Come seek your fate and fortune! Become a living work of art! Come to a place where you can safely explore new delights and become something new.

Come with us.

  • Come as the gates open for our fun consent workshop and introductory icebreaker games, running from 8-9pm.
  • At 9, the carnivale starts up in earnest. The rides turn on, and all the booths and tents open for your exploration and enjoyment.
  • Doors close at 11pm. No additional entry after this point will be permitted without prior approval.

Tickets are only being made available to vetted and approved Voyagers.

DO NOT attempt to buy a ticket if you have not been personally approved for entry — you will not be admitted and your admission will not be refunded.

You must be 21 years old or over to ride.

Reduced or comped admission available for volunteers and staff — contact if you’d like to be involved.

Want to join us on this adventure? Become a Voyager.

Coordinates: A secret location in Brooklyn. Details provided upon ticket purchase.

Fashion Mandate: Be the glorious future you see just over the horizon. Retropunk tribal new-wave ballroom glam, afrofuturist cyberpunk club scene, genderfabulous posthuman sparklediva. Deck your beautiful body in gold, glitter, neon, chrome, leather, latex, LEDS, rainbows, and glory. But please, no clowns. Clowns are creepy, not sexy. Seriously, do not come dressed as a clown.

Consent Policy: Nothing should ever happen to you at one of our events that you do not clearly and enthusiastically consent to. Violators of this policy will be firmly ejected from any event we host.

Accessibility Notice: Unfortunately, the venue we have secured is not wheelchair accessible. Guests will need to be able to climb a single flight of stairs to reach the space, and the building does not have an elevator. We apologize that we are not able to better accommodate all interested folk with this event; we’ll strive to provide better options at future events.